Anonymous asked: "yoga pants are leggings right?"

Hmm not necessarily. I mean they can be but I reckon they have very different material to be classified differently x

Anonymous asked: "Do you know any ways on how to stop bloating???"

Water is my number one tip. It may sound weird bc you may feel a little bloated after drinking it but when it starts to kick in, it will help! In advance, eat healthy and smaller meals. This helps a lot. Oh and don’t eat too fast. You need to give your food time to digest xx

Anonymous asked: "B, I feel really bad about my height like a few months ago I went to the doctor and she told me I was 1.48cm and now I went again, to another one, and told me that I'm 1.44cm wtf I'm so freaking short and I'M 16 YEARS OLD omg i want to cry and i literally feel like im just so ugly and my height doesnt help and i just dont know what to do bc the doctor told me this was because my parents are short as well but ugh i cant deal with this plus my friends are all tall and beautiful & then there is me"

Hey darl! I personally think there are a lot of advantages of being short! Then again, I wouldn’t know. Think about it though. There should be! I mean I hear it’s common for guys to go for shorter girls. It’s normal for a 16 year old to feel insecure about herself but focus on what you love about yourself. “and then there is me…” yes? Try to finish that sentence off but with a positive ending. “And then there is me… who is good at doing this…” or “And then there is me who may be short but is ALSO very beautiful…”. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t compare yourself to your tall friends. That will get you nowhere unless you want to cry all day. You’re NOT ugly. You’re not. I promise you you’re not. The way you see yourself is not how others see you, trust me on that. Hating yourself will just lead to negative consequences. Because it’s cause of your genes, there’s not much you can do about it other than learn to accept it. Sometimes I hate being tall bc I can’t wear 5 inch heels without looking like a giant. You get jist. You’re beautiful, girl! Don’t let anything (your height) or anyone (let’s just say your doctor) tell you otherwise. xx

Anonymous asked: "B I feel terrible because I have the flu and i went just 1 time to the gym this week and I can't go til tuesday and Infeel like Inam going tonget fatnand I feel life I failed :("

Babe, you won’t “get fat” if you eat poorly! You’ll also get a lot worse if you don’t concentrate on taking care of yourself. Don’t worry, babe. Your body needs rest. You didn’t fail. You only fail if you have an opportunity to do what’s best for your body and you’re too lazy to do it. You’re sick. My advice to you would to not even get off the couch if you’re feeling that terrible! Get lots of sleep, try and stick to healthy food, oh and drink lots of tea hehe :) Get better bubs! xx

Anonymous asked: "Wow, you're really pretty!!!"

Thanks v much babes :) xx